Gina Marie Noda

Co-Founder and Sponsorship

Gina is the President and Founder of Connect Source Consulting Group, LLC., Connect Source connects the retail world’s suppliers and consulting companies to retail corporations across the country, specializing in Management Consulting & Outsourced Business Development Services, helping businesses get to the next level.  Her company is based on the foundation of Conscious Capitalism and every contract she receives she donates a portion of it to something that is near & dear to her heart.  She has a true knack for connecting with people on a personal and professional level.  Her mission is showing others a better way of life and a better way to do business, how to lead from within and do business from your heart, with the purpose to help others.  She loves to empower and inspire others to have fun, live their passion and create the life they dream of, along with developing a sense of purpose/more meaningful way of life, which in-turn makes people and companies more successful overall, so a win/win/win for everyone.

For Fun, she enjoys dancing, being on a beach, live music & sporting events, yoga/meditation/spiritual practices, spending time with her two children, volunteering and helping others in any way she can.